In a recent Newsweek (4-9-07), professed religious orientation and best-selling essayist Sam Harris squares off beside Rick Warren, reverend of the Saddleback Church in Orange County, CA and novelist of the world-wide best-seller The Purpose-Driven Life, in a sliver known as "Religion: Is God Real?"

I saved it to be stimulating reading, as far as it went, but completely wanting a pivotal barb. While I part Harris's demonstrability that at hand is no "Biblical God," I do not quota his judgment that here is no God any. I sense that God/Goddess is Consciousness itself, and that this Conscious Awareness permeates the whole creation and over and done near non-dual, independent esteem. The most spectacular, abiding acquisition of this Awareness is enthusiasm itself. To me, this substance possibility is what Spirituality is all something like.

Harris and Warren have words from an either/or perspective; "Either a Christian God exists, or "he" does not." My keen replication is that God is not so small, and without doubt cannot be contained or interpreted in such an partisanship narration.

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Warren goes on to talk nearly the information of God in the "tens of thousands of times" he has in person witnessed miracles. He mentions a ad hoc occurrence when his worship was answered, and different happening when it was not. Personally, I see miracles all day, so I'm freeze with the construct. However, I presume Warren is victimization the early of the two meanings of "miracle", the core of which is, "An extra special happening that surpasses all quality powers and is ascribed to God." I like the 2d meaning, "A superb or curious first of its kind of something; wonder; wonder."

Using the 2nd account of miracle, I see duration itself as a surpassing phenomenon. When I am existing and gainful attention, I get the impression God's unqualified care near all body process I take, both transcribe of music, every ray of sunshine, and all hug I hand over or get. Miracles are everywhere, if we have opinion to see, black maria to discern and the beingness to be thankful for all flash of existence.

To last this sounding betwixt Harris and Warren, the grill arose, "Why would God elasticity a littlest fille cancer, or if she had it why would earnest worship not return it away?" The answer, thing to the consequence that God plant in deep ways, seems absolutely specious to me. Here's how I drop off this complete thought of how an immensely affectionate God could "allow" bad things to fall out to someone.

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Life is the last gift of God's unceasing, infinite, crude love. Life has margins. We have bodies that are born, grow, corrosion and die. One could fashion a shield that God convicted us all to loss by liberal us existence in the introductory stand. Some of us snake up protrusive nigh on longer than others. Making that God's failure or enterprise is close to fashioning wintertime the knock of season. To assertion that in attendance is something unmerited roughly a duration "cut short" is to go without the occurrence of every breath, both smile, both caring examine that was on tap while vital. Life is not "fair," it honourable is. We can see energy as a miracle or a tragedy, and we will breakthrough abundant witness for either character depending on our view.

Of course, losing a nestling underneath any surroundings is heart-breaking. It's honourable that losing a miniature miss to malignant neoplasm is no much sad than losing a child to malaria, starvation, war or an accident. When ancestors we be keen on give up the world, our mental state of misery and gloominess can, if we let them, turn around us into constricted, shut-down shadows of who we really are. The exceedingly aforementioned financial loss can intermission our long whist open, allowing us to suffer the occurrence of vivacity from an immeasurably more precious, soft and open locate.

We, all of us, are God-in-form. Every individual mo of our lives we have choices to label. We can make a choice to see ourselves as victims of a capricious, unknowable, judgemental and unforgiving god, or literally as God experiencing the passing yet marvellous gifts of enthusiasm. I choose to grasp every bodily process as an act of worship, both hug as holy, all sympathetic and free-handed declaration as inspirational. In the end, it all comes low to a ultimate yet deep choice; love, or fear?

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